Thursday, June 17, 2010

Apocalypse Now OST

"Saigon. Shit, I'm still only in Saigon." So begins Francis Ford Coppola's epic journey down the rivers of the Vietnam War into a world paralysed by rationalised insanity and ritual murder. The horror of this alternate reality is scrutinised on this collection, which contains not only the film's score, written by the director and his father, but also a hefty portion of the original dialogue and sound design of the film. And frankly, the most chilling and absorbing part of the film is Captain Willard's weary yet brilliantly evocative narration on the absurd, plus Colonel Kurtz's free-associated meditations on death, snails crawling across straight razors and more death. While Coppola's score is less over-the-top than the dialogue, it still makes the listener shiver. Much of the music is akin to a Vangelis score with added spleen: vicious, shimmering washes of synthesiser with notes waiting to cave inward like a circus big-top tent on fire, as in the bedlam of "Do Lung Bridge". Toss in The Doors' violent hedonism on "The End", tribal war drumming and a word or two from both Wagner and Flash Cadillac and you have your own audio journey into the heart of darkness. To paraphrase Martin Sheen's Willard: it's a choice mission, and once it is over, you'll never want another.

Disc 1
01. - The End
02. - Saigon
03. - The End Part 2
04. - Terminate
05. - The Delta
06. - P.B.R.
07. - Dossier
08. - Colonel Kilgore
09. - Orange Light
10. - The Ride Of The Valkyries
11. - Napalm In The Morning
12. - Pre-Tiger
13. - Dossier #II
14. - Susie Q
15. - Dossier #III
16. - 75 Klicks
17. - The Nung River


Disc 2
01. - Do Lung Bridge
02. - Letters From Home
03. - Clean's Death
04. - Chief's Death, Strange Voyage
05. - Strange Voyage
06. - Kurtz' Compound
07. - Willard's Capture
08. - Errand Boy
09. - Chef's Head
10. - The Hollow Men
11. - Horror
12. - Even The Jungle Wanted Him Dead
13. - The End


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