Sunday, January 11, 2009

HWY: An American Pastoral (1969)

This is Jim Morrison's independent film HWY An American Pastoral starring Himself as The Hitch hiker. An extremely rare video that is out of print and very hard to find. This movie is based along the lines of the song Rider on the Storm. This film is very unique and interesting knowing this film is from the mind of Jim Morrison. Just watching the Great legend be himself in the film is awsome. The running time of this video is Approximately 51 minutes. This is very old footage the quality of this film is Great. If you are a Jim Morrison and The Doors fanatic like myself, this video would be much appreciated. Like the man himself, An American Pastoral is complex and mysterious. Morrison hits the road like Kerouac, wandering, searching for meaning.
Morrison’s Mustang Cobra cruises the highways of a forgotten America, the unknown lurking behind every rock edifice and cactus that dots his journey. He’s almost like Caine in Kung-Fu, except the Asian landscape is now America. Jim Morrison is on the spiritual warpath. To see the mind of the poet at work without his bandmates is a rare gift. Jim and The Doors are/were inseperable, but this little magna carta on freedom shows us his solitary genius and glorious madness. The soundtrack is eerie, unsettling, not quite right. But considering the artist at the heart of the film, I’m not surprised. HWY is very special.

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