Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Holy Mountain OST

This is the soundtrack for the legendary cult film 'The Holy Mountain' by Alejandro Jodorowsky. I don't have time to do a film review also, so here is a little background about the film courtesy of Wikipedia:

La montaña sagrada (The Holy Mountain, reissued as The Sacred Mountain) is a 1973 cult film directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky who also participated as actor, composer, set designer, and costume designer. The film was produced by Beatles manager Allen Klein of ABKCO after Jodorowsky scored an underground phenomenon with El Topo and the acclaim of both John Lennon and George Harrison (John and Yoko Ono put up production money). It was shown at various international film festivals in 1973 and limited screenings in New York and San Francisco. However the film was never given wide release until 2007, when a restored print toured the United States, screening with El Topo, and released in DVD format from May 1st.

This soundtrack was included in the boxed set entitled 'The Films of Alejandro Jodorowsky'. This set also included the films La Cravatte, Fando y Lis, El Topo, and The Holy Mountain, as well as the soundtrack for El Topo.

Track List:
01. Pissed And Passed Out
02. Violence Of The Lambs
03. Drink It
04. Christs 4 Sale
05. Cast Out And Pissed
06. Eye Of The Beholder
07. Communion
08. Rainbow Room
09. Alchemical Room
10. Trance Mutation
11. Tarot Will Teach You/Burn Your Money
12. Mattresses, Masks, and Peals
13. Isla (The Sapphic Sleep)
14. Psychedelic Weapons
15. Rich Man In A Fishbowl
16. Miniature Plastic Bomb Shop
17. Fuck Machine
18. Baby Snakes
19. A Walk In The Park
20. Mice And Massacre
21. City Of Freedome
22. Starfish
23. The Climb/Reality (Zoom Back Camera
24. Pantheon Bar (Bees Make Honey...)


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