Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Abomination (1986)

In some ways it's a pity the effect of Peter Jackson's Brain Dead being released was to create an overdose of humorous gore and mega-splatter, neutralising the impact of any gore films since. Sure, the "torture porn" subgenre brought some intensity and 'squirminess' back to depictions of on-screen blood, but it's hard to watch a nineteen-eighty-six film like Brett McCormick's The Abomination and be affected by the splatter alone. Maybe I'm just desensitised in my old age. It's not a huge issue for this bizarre little curiosity of a film, though. There are other odd quirks and joys to tide curious viewers over. Any film that opens with a five minute montage of all the gore scenes from it's running time is obviously eager to please any splatter enthusiasts, and certainly lets you know where you stand. You can always turn off at this point! More...

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