Friday, July 17, 2009

Guinea Pig : Devil Woman Doctor (1986)

Ginî piggu 4: Pîtâ no akuma no joi-san
Devil Woman Doctor is the story about a female doctor who is a transvestite, played by real-life Japanese transvestite Shinnosuke Ikehata. The film takes the form of several 'sketches' in which she treats her patients (often mutilating or killing them in the process). This episode shifted the tone of the series from graphic horror to extremely violent slapstick comedy. A mad doctor displays a selection of her more gruesome case studies. Starting with one family whose heads explode if they get angry and a woman whose heart explodes if she's surprised, the doctor then presents us with a man whose right half wants to kill his left. Other subjects put on display are the effects of going to a sauna if you're a man who sweats blood, the possibilities of romance between woman and zombie, and a game of one- upmanship between hospital patients.

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Iván Villavicencio said...

The Guinea Pig saga is a most insane and violent japanese underground film...!!!