Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hellevator: The Bottled Fools (2004)

Gusha no Bindume is a japanese film written and directed by Hiroki Yamaguchi. In a dystopian future humanity has been forced underground. Settlements are stacked very deep, all of which are connected by transport elevators. One day a girl named Luchino hides in one of these elevators to escape the authorities when she is caught smoking. Unfortunately she does this at a time when a separate group of security forces are using the elevator to transport two extremely dangerous criminals. Suddenly an explosion cripples the elevator and the eclectic group of passengers which are now mixed in with two murderers are forced to fight for their survival in any way they can.

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thankeesai69 said...

hey there can you tell me if there are english subs with this? thanks :D

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