Friday, March 11, 2011

Dym (2007) Aka Smoke

Grzegorz Cisiecki’s 2007 short film DYM is a surreal, ambiguous 7 minutes of experimental and ambitious cinematography. Interpret as you will, with no dialogue to help us along, it is left to our own imagination to decipher. Flitting from one beautiful scene to the next, there is no doubt huge talent behind DYM. With a startling musical score and superb lighting, this short is a masterpiece of creativity.

The story of the person who became the captive of surrealistic madness.
Film by Grzegorz Cisiecki
Photography: Dawid Rymar
Editing: Cecylia Pacura, Grzegorz Cisiecki
Original score: Rashid Brocca, Aleksandr Poroch
Cast: Marta Szumiel, Grzegorz Golaszewski, Oriana Soika, Bartlomej Nowosielski
PWSFTViT, Poland, 2008

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