Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Vampyros Lesbos (1971)

Also known as:
El Signo del vampiro
Lesbian Vampires/The Heiress of Dracula/Heritage of Dracula
The Strange Adventure of Jonathan Harker/Vampire Women
Vampyros Lesbos: Die Erbin des Dracula (Germany)
Las Vampiras (Spain)
Vampire lesbos (France)

The full German title of this “psycho-sexadelic horror freakout” translates as Lesbian Vampires: The Heiress of Dracula. Director Jesus “Jess” Franco, arguably the most prolific European director ever, constantly revisited the genre of vampirism. He also loved lesbianism, so if he could combine the two – as he frequently did - even better (Erotikill – such a great title – was probably his most carnal incarnation of “lesbian vampires”). Vampyros Lesbos (1971), a West German-Spanish co-production, takes elements of Bram Stoker’s short story Dracula’s Guest and throws them into a heady, funereal brew of dream-states and hypnosis, carnal fever and rampant delusional desire. More at Horrorphile...
The movie and soundtrack download links you can find at Sunglasses After Dark.

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