Friday, September 4, 2009

Обыкновенный фашизм (1965)

Obyknovennyy fashizm

... aka A Night of Thoughts
... aka Echo of the Jackboot (UK)
... aka Ordinary Fascism
... aka Triumph Over Violence (USA)

Using found footage from East German, Soviet and Polish archives, as well as some amateur photography, this documentary builds a picture of the culture of German Nazism, including some of the films of the Nazi ministry of propaganda. This analysis of fascism, its rise in Germany in the 1930's, culmination in World War II, and present day manifestations, is compiled largely from German news and archival footage. The film is divided into chapters depicting Hitler's early emotional appeal to the German people (mass rallies, Wagnerian torchlight parades, book-burnings, etc.); the conversion of "nice boys" into storm troopers (stressed by scenes of captured German soldiers with pictures of their loved ones juxtaposed with views of their atrocities); Hitler's eventual rise to absolute power (his conquests, policy of mass murder, crimes against the Jews, and the sealing of Mein Kampf in a vault designed to last 1000 years); and his defeat. (Deletions for the U. S. release include material from the final chapter depicting neo-Nazi movements throughout the world today and the training of U. S. Marines in a manner reminiscent of the indoctrination of Hitler's Brownshirts.)

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Mikhail Romm ... Narrator (voice)
Marlene Dietrich ... Herself (archive footage)
Josef Goebbels ... Himself (archive footage)
Hermann Göring ... Himself (archive footage)
Adolf Hitler ... Himself (archive footage)
Joseph Stalin ... Himself (archive footage)
Jûkichi Uno ... Narrator (voice: Japanese version)

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