Friday, September 11, 2009

Cat People OST (1982) - Giorgio Moroder

Perhaps best known for his Oscar-winning "Midnight Express" score and his disco collaborations with Donna Summer, composer Giorgio Moroder's finest work can be heard on "Cat People" (1982). Like the Paul Schrader film it accompanies, Moroder's score remains a masterpiece of mood and atmosphere - featuring David Bowie's excellent title song (subtitled "Putting Out Fire"). It should be noted that Moroder utilized a different recording for the movie, which is equally memorable. Hopefully, the "Cat People" CD will be reissued with additional music from the film soundtrack.

01. Cat People ("Putting Out Fire") 6:46
02. The Autopsy 1:32
03. Irena's Theme 4:22
04. Night Rabbit 2:00
05. Leopard Tree Dream 4:03
06. Paul's Theme (Jogging Chase) 3:54
07. The Myth 5:13
08. To The Bridge 2:52
09. Transformation Seduction 2:46
10. Bring The Prod 1:57


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