Friday, October 23, 2009

There Will Be Blood OST

It is rare that a movie soundtrack can be taken as a standalone. That is to say it is difficult to take a soundtrack without colouring your opinion with your knowledge of the story or of the movie experience.

But this is a rare beast. Entirely orchestral in its construct, immediately drawing you into the mood and mix of sinister and celebration, this is a soundtrack that takes you on an emotional journey all by itself. However, as the title of the Album intimates that journey is not full of green fields and dancing hobbits. Instead the mood is dark and often malevolent, which gives me to believe that the movie must be about the want of men and what they will do to obtain it.

Very much in the same mould as Michael Nyman soundtracks in the way it influences mood, this is not easy listening, but is very evocative and will take your mind on a journey while stimulating the imagination. Highly recommended !!!

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