Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Badi (1983)

This film is presented in original Turkish language and has no subtitles. There is not a copy of this film available with subtitles anywhere. This is the only way to get it. Besides, you hardly need subtitles to figure out what is going on. Badi (aka Turkish E.T.) Director: Zafer Par Starring: Cengiz Sayhan, Tolga Sonmez, Orhan Cagman, Tuncer Sevi, Ani Ippekkaya Language: Turkish/ No Subtitles Ratio: Full Screen Originally titled "Badi", this film pretty much follows the story of the American version of "E.T." The Turkish translation of the extra-terrestrial is very comical but loveable, (looking like at times a strange claymation creation from another planet and other scenes a grown person in brown pajamas with a potato sack head.) The kids aren't afraid of E.T., though. Instead of being hidden away at the house of the little boy that finds him for most of the movie where it can get loaded on beer and dress up in drag, this E.T. is rather quick to get out in public. In one scene, E.T. just strolls right into the little boy's classroom for all to see. Upon seeing it, the classroom teacher has a heart attack and slumps over at his desk. Using his alien detector, a nice old man finds E.T. out in the middle of nowhere, sick. He brings the creature back home to the little boy and they throw it in bed. Not long after, a crowd of people gather outside of the home, some offering their prayers to the creature while others are threatened by him. Healing rather quickly, E.T. levitates himself, the little boy and a select group of kids on a bike, basket contraption where they fly over Turkey, evading an impending hassling by the police and they touch down in a forest where a spaceship awaits to take the creature home. The little Turkish actors are very impressive, in fact, much more so than the former cast in terms of emotional levels of acting in the scenes. This is a heartwarming, funny and original take on a classic "American" alien.

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