Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Proposition OST

The Proposition is a soundtrack recorded by Nick Cave in collaboration with Warren Ellis, and was produced for the film The Proposition, released in October 2005.

This album is instrumentally focused, and is a departure from Cave's band-oriented compositions. All tracks are directly reproduced from the musical interludes in the film, and feature little alteration from the film score. Many songs on the album are slow-tempo and ballad-like, and the violin work of Warren Ellis becomes the central voice of the album for much of the time. Cave's unusual vocal performances on the "Rider" trilogy of songs brings a particularly haunting and uneasy tone to the album.

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
Released: 13 Mar 2006

01. Happy Land
02. The The Proposition, Pt. 1
03. Road to Banyon
04. Down to the Valley
05. Moan Thing
06. The The Rider, Pt. 1
07. Martha's Dream
08. Gun Thing
09. Queenie's Suite
10. The The Rider, Pt. 2
11. The The Proposition, Pt. 2
12. Sad Violin Thing
13. The The Rider, Pt. 3
14. The The Proposition, Pt. 3
15. The The Rider Song
16. Clean Hands, Dirty Hands


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