Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bullit OST - Lalo Schifrin (1968)

There's probably a good reason why the excellent soundtrack to the Steve McQueen film BULLITT, originally recorded in 1968, wasn't released on CD until 20 years later, but the important thing is that it now exists, and Lalo Shifrin fans can rest easy. By the late '60s, Shifrin had already built an impressive body of work, scoring jazz arrangements for top acts and working in television (his theme for MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE is permanently ingrained in the cultural memory), so that by the time he scored BULLITT his skills were at their peak.

Like the film, the BULLITT soundtrack is both slick and action-packed, with lots of rhythmic, jazzy themes, burbling basslines, and brassy horns used to enhance the drama. These sections are counterbalanced by softer, more traditionally orchestral pieces, and the contrast makes for a rich and varied listen. Along with John Berry and Ennio Morricone, Shifrin is one of the few film composers whose music truly stands apart from the film, and BULLITT is no exception.

01 Bullitt (Main Title)
02 Room "26"
03 Hotel Daniels
04 The Aftermath Of Love
05 Music To Interrogate By
06 On The Way To San Mateo
07 Ice Pick Mike
08 Song For Cathy
09 Shifting Gears
10 Cantata For Combo
11 The First Snowfall
12 Bullitt (End Title)

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