Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The City of Lost Children OST

Angelo Badalamenti's score for The City of Lost Children finds him utilising his orchestration skills to their full extent. His use of the string section in particular is extremely accomplished, with his lyrical writing helping to emphasise the often-melancholic tone of the film. Highlights of the soundtrack include the song "Who Will Take My Dreams Away?" (written with Marianne Faithful), and Badalamenti's sinister organ grinder music composed for the scenes featuring the trained fleas. Overall a very evocative and moving score, and a must for any serious fan of Badalamenti's film music.

01. Générique - Contains "Who Will Take My Dreams Away?" by Marianne Faithful
02. L'anniversaire d'Irwin
03. Les Enfants Sauvent One
04. Mort De La Pieuvre
05. Opium Prince
06. Le Ra...Radicateur
07. La Clé De La Victoire
08. Le Voyage Du Rêve
09. Miette
10. L'exécution
11. Les Puces
12. La Foire
13. Cerises Pour Un Dîner À Deux
14. Krank...
15. Final
16. Theme - La Cité Des Enfants Perdus


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