Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Naked Lunch OST

Howard Shore again masters the mood with this foray into the seamy underworld of William Burroughs. In this story about a place called Interzone, full of sinister centipedes and slimy "mugwumps," there is nothing better at giving listeners the creepy-crawlies than the depressing styles of what many could instantly identify as "beatnik" jazz. This is the music Burroughs and cronies like Allen Ginsberg cultivated to forge an anti-white-bread counterculture that was Ozzie and Harriet's worst nightmare. Shore re-creates this music as Ward Cleaver might have heard it way back when. To be even more authentic to the period, he collaborates with Ornette Coleman and also incorporates the Thelonious Monk composition "Misterioso." This soundtrack's best moments, however, occur when Shore drops the beat pose and just shines darkly.Bug music! At the time of its 1992 release, this soundtrack to David Cronenberg's adaptation of William S. Burrough's phantasmagorical beat epic marked a slight return from what had been a long layoff for Ornette Coleman. The saxophonist was an inspired choice for the film, which, among other things, follows an erstwhile exterminator's journey from New York City to Tangiers. The soundtrack parallels Coleman's own travels as well: symphonic collaborations and Third Stream evocations, melodic and furious "free jazz" sorties, and meetings with masters of ecstatic North African traditional music.

01. Naked Lunch (02:29)
02. Hauser And O'Brien/Bugpowder (02:39)
  • "Bugpowder" written by Ornette Coleman.
03. Mugwumps (02:55)
04. Centipede (02:04)
05. The Black Meat (01:25)
06. Simpatico/Misterioso (01:34)
  • "Misterioso" written by Thelonius Monk.
07. Fadela's Coven (03:33)
08. Interzone Suite (05:13)
09. William Tell (01:44)
10. Mujahaddin (01:56)
11. Intersong (03:48)
  • Written by Ornette Coleman.
12. Dr. Benway (03:14)
13. Clark Nova Dies (02:05)
14. Ballad/Joan (02:40)
  • Written by Ornette Coleman.
15. Cloquet's Parrots/Midnight Sunrise (01:45)
  • "Midnight Sunrise" written by Ornette Coleman.
16. Nothing Is True; Everything Is Permitted (01:56)
17. Welcome To Annexia (03:35)
18. Writeman (03:53)



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