Thursday, May 28, 2009

Октябрь (1928)

October: Ten Days That Shook the World (Russian: Октябрь (Десять дней, которые потрясли мир); transliteration: Oktyabr': Desyat' dney kotorye potryasli mir) is a Soviet silent film made in by Sergei Eisenstein, sometimes referred to simply as October in English. It is a dramatization praising the 1917 October Revolution.

October was one of two films commissioned by the Soviet government to honour the tenth anniversary of the October Revolution (the other was Vsevolod Pudovkin's The End of St. Petersburg). Eisenstein was chosen to head the project due to the international success he had achieved with The Battleship Potemkin in 1925 . The title is taken from John Reed's book on the Revolution, Ten Days That Shook The World. Nikolai Podvoisky, one of the troika who led the storming of the Winter Palace was responsible for the commission. The scene of the storming was based more on the 1920 re-enactment involving Lenin and a thousands of Red Guards, witnessed by 100,000 spectators, than the original occasion, which was far less photogenic.

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