Friday, May 29, 2009

Mulholland Dr. OST

Like every collaboration between David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti, Mulholland Drive's soundtrack is equally eerie, elegant, and eclectic, spanning the up-tempo swing of "Jitterbug" and the haunting drones of the film's main theme in its first two tracks alone. Badalamenti's work ranges from the jazzy "Dinner Party Pool Music" to the ominous ambience of "Diner," "Silencio," and "Dwarfland/Love Theme." Lynch's own surfy, guitar-based compositions, "Mountains Falling" and "Go Get Some," aren't quite as transporting as Badalamenti's pieces, but they do offer a sonic twist on the sunny California that Lynch subverts in the film. Similarly, Linda Scott's sugary-sweet "I've Told Every Little Star" takes on a slightly disturbing edge in the context of the album, while "Llorando," Rebecca Del Rio's Spanish a cappella version of Roy Orbison's classic "Crying," only sounds more vulnerable and heart-wrenching. More focused than the Lost Highway soundtrack and more traditionally Lynchian than the score for The Straight Story, Mulholland Drive is a mysterious and affecting soundtrack from one of the most consistently creative teams working in film.

01. Jitterbug
02. Mulholland Drive
03. Rita Walks/Sunset Boulevard/Aunt Ruth
04. Diner
05. Mr. Roque/Betty's Theme
06. The Beast
07. Bring It On Home
08. I've Told Every Little Star
09. Dwarfland/Love Theme
10. Silencio
11. Llorando (Crying)
12. Pretty 50s
13. Go Get Some
14. Diane And Camilla
15. Dinner Party Pool Music
16. Mountains Falling
17. Mulholland Drive/Love

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