Sunday, May 10, 2009

'Hukkunud Alpinisti' hotell (1979)

... aka Otel 'U pogibshchego alpinista' (Soviet Union)
... aka The Dead Mountaineer Hotel (USA)

Fascinating Russian film that combines the detective and science-fiction genres and examines and expands on their narrative forms. A police inspector is summoned to a mysterious hotel situated high in the snowy Ala-Tau mountains of Kazakhstan. Upon his arrival, he is surprised to find no crime but instead a strange group of guests inhabiting the hotel. After a series of strange and inexplicable events, the detective begins to surmise that he is surrounded by a hotel full of beings from another planet. The film becomes a bizarre game wherein the detective must adjust his manner of deductive thinking to a set of beings totally alien to him. He must learn to ignore his normal, human thought patterns and adopt a completely new mode of analytical consciousness. Winner of the Trieste festival of 1980.

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