Thursday, May 28, 2009

Guinea Pig: Mermaid in the Manhole (1988)

Ginî piggu 4: Manhôru no naka no ningyo

Based on a manga by Hideshi Hino and directed by the mangaka himself, the next installment of the Guineapig series, Za ginipiggu 4: Manhoru no naka no ningyo is about an artist who is trying to cope with the recent death of his wife. One day while being in the sewers beneath the streets of Okinawa, he comes across a mermaid that he had met before when he was a kid, when the sewers used to be a big river. He sits down to paint her, but soon she starts crying in agony, and the painter notices that she has some kind of sores on her body. She has been stuck in the sewers for a long time and she must have been infected by the environment down there. The artist takes her back to his house, and after a brief period of time, the mermaid develops lacerations and begins to bleed. The artist uses the blood and pus from the wounds to paint her portrait, but as he paints, her condition worsens and she dies.

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