Friday, May 29, 2009

The Manson Family (2003)

The release of “The Manson Family” marks for cult underground director Jim Van Bebber (who made a name for himself with the brutal “Deadbeat at Dawn”) the end of a struggle which, incredibly, began back in 1988 when financing ran out during the film’s principal photography. After more than a decade of false starts and botched deals, not to mention the continuity nightmare of watching his lead actors age, it is remarkable, and indeed a tribute to Van Bebber’s inhuman persistence, that the film has actually been finished at all. Made for next to nothing, and in an uncompromising visual and visceral style, “The Manson Family” is a true work of passion and self-belief, and as such represents filmmaking at its most pure, unfettered by financial or commercial considerations. Despite support from various people, including members of the band Skinny Puppy, who provided a musical score (in the form of Download's Charlie's Family album) that was released separately years before the film itself, the film remained incomplete. It screened on video as a work-in-progress at a number of film festivals during that time.

Despite not being banned in any country in the world, it is classified harshly in almost all countries of the world because of the extremely graphic nature and sexuality.

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"You've seen the story through the eyes of the law... Now see it through the eyes of The Manson Family"

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