Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)

1984 is based on the classic science fiction novel by George Orwell, which offered a bleak vision of a dystopic future where one’s thoughts and actions were controlled by a totalitarian government ruled by an entity known simply as “Big Brother”. The film has undergone a bit of changes over the years on video, as the theatrical release features a washed-out color scheme and a Eurythmics soundtrack that has been mostly removed in more current releases (probably because director Radford was never keen on them). As for how this affects the overall feel of the film, I can no longer say, having only seen a recent DVD release, but the overall story remains intact. Orwell’s book is one that leaves such an indelible impression, that it might be impossible to truly capture the scope and feeling of it in a two hour film, but writer-director Radford does a fine job in extracting the core elements and filling in the blanks with a more cinematic feel. It may not quite be Orwell’s 1984, but it’s an effective piece all on its own. More...

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