Sunday, May 17, 2009

Desu pawuda (1986)

DEATH POWDER (Shigeru Izumiya; 1986)
Fans of hallucinatory head-movies will enjoy this bizarre sci-fi film from Japanese director Izumiya. Putting his experience as a '70s protest-music pioneer to work, Izumiya creates a frightening world where a super-robot poisons the air with a deadly psychedelic drug, enslaving the populace under the Scar People in the world of their hallucinations. Eventually, their bodies begin to meld and change into a giant blob. Using computer graphics, black-and-white narrative, and stock footage interpolated in strange and grotesque ways, Izumiya creates an unforgettably
odd film, in many ways the progenitor of such cult classics as Tetsuo, the Iron Man. Orig: Desu Pawuda. Death Powder-Far out Japanese film directed by Shigeru Izumiysa that has been called the ultimate acid trip! Cyborgs are given a substance that pollute their minds known as "Death Powder" that causes them to go crazy and kill others. This is a really strange cyberpunk film!! Lots of weirdness!! In Japanese only. LBX. Ok quality.This movie's visual effects are stunning.Presented in Black and White AND Color. There isn't much information on this experiemental Horror Sci Fi film. Wild, insane imagery and some of the coolest effects I've seen in a while. Wonderful use of B & W and a bit of color to heighten the movie beyond the norm. From what I can gather a drug takes people beyond the flesh and can manipulate it a bit into a wild array of special effects that is reminiscent of The Beyond but being from Japan it has a crazy hard to find story line that leaves me guessing a bit but with this much gore and special effects. Who in the hell cares. In fact we think this movie was made for Nitrous Oxide. You can only guess how we know. More at Cuberpunk Review

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